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Massage Therapy Student – Jean Mueller

jean muellerAfter a long career as a medical technologist and five years caring for a parent, Jean Mueller decided to go back to school for massage therapy as a way to do something for herself.

“After a spa afternoon with my daughter, I started thinking about the massage therapy profession,” said Mueller, who is set to graduate in August 2020. “I’ve always found the human body fascinating, especially health and motion.”

Once she started looking into career options, Mueller was amazed at all the medical benefits massage therapy has to offer. “I was excited to combine my knowledge of science with a hands-on way to bring comfort and relief to others,” she said.

As a later-in-life career, Mueller’s ultimate goal once her husband retires in about five years is to move someplace warm and work as the massage therapist for their retirement community. Even if the strength in her hands diminishes, she said she can continue working with lymphedema patients, who require more gentle pressure. For now, she plans to begin her career by working with a chiropractic physician as she builds her own client base.

Mueller was careful about choosing a massage therapy program. She considered proximity and accessibility to highways along with the high rate in which NUHS students passed the required licensing exam. She also thought access to the cadaver lab would help in learning anatomy.

“The biggest draw was being able to work in the clinic,” she said. “I knew that experience would help in dealing not only with patients, but with professionals in other health care fields. Once I decided that I wanted to be a massage therapist, I knew that NUHS was the place for me.”

For those considering a second career, Mueller often recommends massage therapy and the NUHS program.

“Massage therapy is a great career for many reasons, one of which is that I will have so much control over when and how often I work.  That control is important for someone who still wants to work after retirement,” she said.

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