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MSACP Graduate – Dean Greenwood

Dr. Dean Greenwood earned his DC from Palmer in 1981 and his MSACP from National University in 2012. He has managed a successful practice in Vancouver, British Columbia for 30 years. Here’s why he felt the MSACP program at NUHS was especially valuable to his career:

MSACP Graduate – Dean Greenwood“The MSACP program at National was the best learning experience I’ve had since chiropractic college and in my 30 years of professional experience.

The diverse training in the program covered a wide variety of topics. It was very intense and the topics were geared specifically to post-professional degree students. We covered so much information. What helped me the most was the emphasis in understanding differential diagnoses and co-managing complex patient conditions.

For example, my group actually met at an internal medicine center in Philadelphia where we saw ten standardized patients with a variety of uncommon disorders. We were challenged to diagnose each patient correctly in a limited amount of time, using what we learned in the program.

Since we DCs usually must manage patients who are on medications, particularly elderly people who are on a variety of medications, the pharmacology component of the program was so helpful. This is one area where chiropractic physicians generally don’t get enough information in school. I appreciate the trend in the profession toward training DCs to understand pharmaceuticals. It’s not that I’m utilizing medications, but it helps me understand my patients, as well as where drugs are appropriate and where there may be alternatives such as nutritional solutions.

I was able to have an article published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine as a result of the program. That was a life long goal of mine — to be published! Subsequently, a second paper I wrote for my program capstone project has been accepted for publishing in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

The program opened many exciting opportunities that expanded my professional career and I would certainly recommend it.”

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