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Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding, fulfilling career in chiropractic medicine?

The first step is earning a chiropractic degree! If this sounds like something you might be interested in, those aspiring to study chiropractic medicine will have a lot to think about and learn before they decide if, when and where to pursue such a degree.

That’s why we created our comprehensive Doctor of Chiropractic guide to give you real insight into:

  • What it truly takes to practice chiropractic medicine in today’s health care landscape
  • The career outlook for chiropractic medicine, including post-grad work opportunities and average compensation
  • What to look for in a chiropractic degree program
  • How to navigate the admissions process at a top chiropractic school
  • And more!

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What Are the Benefits of Earning a Chiropractic Degree?

The career outlook for those who have studied chiropractic medicine has never been brighter—meaning there has never been a better time to invest in a chiropractic degree from a top university!

17% Growth Before 2024

Employment of chiropractors is expected to grow 17% before 2024—much faster than the average for all occupations.

0.1% Unemployment for Doctors

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 0.1% unemployment rate for doctors of chiropractic.

$90,475 Average Salary

The average annual salary for doctors of chiropractic is: $71,600 for solo practitioners, $103,100 for those working in a multi-disciplinary clinic, and $160,200 for those working in an integrated setting.

Why Study Chiropractic Medicine at National?

For more than 110 years, NUHS has been the leader in integrative teaching, training and treatment. What makes us different?


An Integrative Learning Environment

At National University, you will have the unique opportunity to study chiropractic medicine in an integrative learning environment alongside other natural health care focused professionals and put your skills into practice in an integrative clinical setting.


Primary Care Focused

We train our chiropractic medicine students to become primary care physicians who are focused on providing patient-centered care and whole health healing. You will learn a variety of treatment modalities, including performing adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, providing supplements and more.


Dual Degree Advantage

At NUHS, you will have the option to earn a second degree (ND or MAc) through dual enrollment. Earning two degrees simultaneously can save you months, years and several thousands of  dollars—while also expanding your career options as a chiropractic medicine practitioner and increasing your earning potential!

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