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Alumni Materials Request Form

Request Alumni Materials

Do people ask you about where you went to school? Do you know some young people who are interested in starting a health care career? Would you like to share more about NUHS with a local community group you’re involved in?

NUHS alumni materials displayWe would be happy to send you a display for your office that showcases the rigorous education and clinical training you have received as a chiropractic physician. This also includes NUHS brochures that you can offer to anyone who is interested in the DC program.

If you go to student recruitment events at high schools, colleges, or local community groups, please complete the form below and we will send you a package of promotional material that includes:

  • First-Professional Program Viewbook (DC/ND/AOM)
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science Brochure
  • All-Program Brochure
  • National Tri-Bic Pens

Alumni Materials Request Form

  • Your Information
  • If you would like material in addition to the standard package sent, please provide a description.