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Prerequisite Program Tuition & Cost Estimates

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Cost Estimates

This information is provided to assist you in estimating your monthly budget and managing your available financial resources (e.g., employment earnings, financial aid and assistance from family members) for the academic year. You should refer to the base expense budget for one term below when estimating your expenses.

Prerequisite Program

The average living allowances listed below are the estimated Cost of Attendance figures developed by the Office of Financial Aid. Your expenses may vary from the average cost of attendance for your program. All figures indicated below are for a typical first trimester, whether starting fall, spring or summer during the 2022-2023 academic year. The estimate below is for 1 trimester (each trimester is 4 months). Your enrollment each term is based on the number of courses required for admission. Federal aid is offered for 2 consecutive trimesters.

Tuition Discount: Students in the Prerequisite Program who have applied to the DC or ND degree program receive a 50% tuition discount for courses required for admission. Tuition discounts are applied after the first week.

Estimated Costs for One Trimester (4 months)

Tuition and Fees Notes Amount
Tuition (assumes 16.0 credits per term) $443 per credit hour $7,088
Activity Fee $1.50 per credit $24
Technology Fee $79 per trimester $79
Total Estimated Tuition and Fees 1 trimester $7,191
Books and Supplies (estimated) $400 per trimester $400
Loan Fees** $70
Living Allowance Notes Amount
On-Campus 1-bedroom allowance* $9,000
Off-Campus $10,000
At-Home with Parents/Relatives $4,500
Total Estimated Cost (Per Trimester) Notes Amount
On-Campus $16,591
Off-Campus $17,591
At-Home with Parents/Relatives $12,091

* Review on-campus housing information for units and amenities.

** Average loan fees for Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized, should the student borrow.

Note: Individual courses may have additional fees; consult the current NUHS Bulletin for program costs.

How Budgets are Calculated

Incoming student budgets are initially created assuming full-time enrollment in the program, as listed in the NUHS Bulletin. The award letter lists the amount of aid the applicant is eligible to receive for the academic period. Depending on the initial term of enrollment, aid is offered over one, two or three trimesters. For example, a student beginning in the fall trimester will receive an award letter containing aid for three terms; whereas, for a student beginning in summer, the award letter would only list one trimester, as the fall begins a new financial aid year.

Living Allowance

In addition to budgeted amounts for tuition, fees, books, and supplies, additional funds for Living Allowances are provided in the financial aid award. The Living Allowance is a fixed amount per trimester based on an average cost depending on the living situation of the applicant. This includes allowances for rent, utilities, food, transportation, and personal expenses. Financial aid funds are to be used solely for educational expenses. In no circumstances will non-educational expenses be included in the cost of attendance. These expenses include items such as car payments, credit card payments, recreation, higher than normal rent/mortgage, spousal insurance, moving expenses, and security deposits.

It is important for an applicant to establish his or her personal budget within the standard allowance limits. The ability for an applicant to obtain the full amount of the living allowance is generally based on his or her willingness and ability to borrow from credit-based loan programs. 

Tuition Discount

Students in the Prerequisite Program who have applied to the Doctor of Chiropractic or Doctor of Naturopathic degree programs receive a 50% tuition discount for courses required for admission. 

The tuition discount is applied after the first week of classes. This allows time for processing and any registration changes.