Botanical Garden

Launched in 2010, National University's botanical garden started with 20 plants as a project of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association. Today the garden is double its original size and boasts over 60 different botanicals. Each plant nurtured in the garden has a valuable application in botanical medicine.

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The garden is a tool to enhance learning about botanicals. While many botanical classes involve photographs of medicinal plants, in spring, summer, and fall National University students can visit the garden to plant, see, smell, and touch the actual plants. In extracurricular sessions, students often use the garden plants to make herbal medicines and tinctures for their own personal use. 

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The garden is maintained by National University's naturopathic medicine students under the guidance of naturopathic medicine faculty. The botanical garden is part of a campus culture that supports the full traditional education in naturopathic medicine available at National University.

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