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The Anatomage Table

SPC anatomical models
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​The Anatomage Table

Building on the foundation of strong basic sciences and hands-on learning in all of its programs, National University offers its students The Anatomage Table. This life-size 3D interactive table is today’s most technologically advanced digital visualization system for anatomy education. There are less than 100 tables in the United States and only 300 in the world.

Educational Use

In addition to hands-on dissection with real cadavers in our anatomy laboratory, you can access the Anatomage Table as a study tool. The Anatomage software offers:

  • Interactive, multi-layered 3D images of human specimens that can be cut and viewed along any plane, and enlarged or rotated on any axis for better viewing.
  • Over 120 pathology examples, allowing students to dissect both normal anatomy and abnormal pathologies.
  • 4D scans, including respiration and beating heart scans with full interactivity. Users can cut and manipulate the moving scans.

Clinical Use

Additionally, the Anatomage Table has several clinical applications such as:

  • A radiology workstation to upload patient images for diagnoses, surgery case review, patient consultation, and research.
  • Showing patients details of their current health condition or what may be involved in a proposed treatment procedure.

Student Access

The Anatomage Table is set up in the NUHS James F. Winterstein Library for individual, clinical and group study. Its touchscreen and menu are intuitive, and help screens are available to explore its full range of features. Students can use the Anatomage as a tool to study for exams, to enrich both textbook and classroom learning, and to explore pathologies encountered in their clinical internship.

The Anatomage Table has been featured on TED Talks, PBS, Fuji TV, and in numerous journals. For more information on its capabilities, explore the playlist of videos below.

Watch a selection of videos highlighting features of the Anatomage table.