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NUHS Herbal Dispensary

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NUHS Herbal & Supplement Dispensary

The on-campus integrative medical clinic at National University boasts an extensive herbal and supplement dispensary used by interns and clinicians in our acupuncture, oriental medicine, chiropractic, and naturopathic medicine programs.

Chinese Herbal Dispensary

NUHS oriental medicine herbal dispensaryOur oriental medicine students have extensive training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. They learn how to choose the most effective herbal prescriptions for their patients through both classroom study as well as traditional apprentice-style practice under the guidance of seasoned faculty. In the dispensary, they spend hours in hands-on practice in learning how to correctly choose and prepare herbal formulas.

Over one-third of our acupuncture and oriental medicine patients receive herbal medicine prescriptions as part of their treatment plan. National University’s traditional Chinese herbal dispensary carries over 300 raw herbs, allowing us to meet the widest possible range of patient needs. For each prescription, students and clinicians measure and mix the raw herbs by hand into dose-specific take-home packets for herbal teas.

In addition to raw herbs, our MSAc and MSOM interns have access to over 130 granular preparations (powders and granules that can be mixed with food or water, and are sometimes easier for patients to prepare at home), and over 100 patent medications (high quality commercially prepared herbal pills and capsules).

Naturopathic and Chiropractic Dispensary

nuhs herbal naturopathic medicine dispensaryFor both our chiropractic and naturopathic programs, National University actively seeks out supplements from carefully chosen companies to meet the needs of our patients. Our dispensary holds:

  • Standardized products, free of fillers, produced in controlled facilities
  • Botanical medicines, tinctures, and homeopathic remedies
  • Physician-grade vitamin, mineral, enzymes, and whole food supplements
  • Refrigerated probiotic formulas