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Russell A. Iwami, BA, MSLS

Associate Professor, James F. Winterstein Library 

Russel A. IwamiRussell Iwami is the reference librarian at National University of Health Sciences James F. Winterstein Library and specializes in literature searching and bibliographic instruction.

His chief professional activities and interests revolve around making reputable information more acessible and more identifiable, especially through the organization and promotion of scientific databases and websites. His efforts in these areas are made more significant by the widely-held misconception that Google is the primary search engine for all scholarly research.

Mr. Iwami’s involvement in chiropractic education spans across four decades as well as the momentous shifts from lecture-based instruction to problem-based learning to self-directed learning to modules and on back to the present.

In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Iwami is active in promoting independent and world cinema through the After Hours Film Society. He also supports the local area and its intimate artistic venues as an alternative to the urban mega-seat acoustical-challenged arenas.

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Associate Professor, James F. Winterstein Library

BA, Northern Illinois University, 1976
MALS, University of Illinois, 1979

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