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Year in Review: Top 5 Stories of 2022

by Dec 27, 2022

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With the revamping of the curriculum, a historic library dedication, and many students fully returning to campus, 2022 was a busy year at National University of Health Sciences. Alumni, students, faculty and staff gained many new learning opportunities and accomplishments. Now that the year is coming to a close, revisit some of the top news at NUHS this year. 

  1. Wisconsin passes law to license naturopathic doctors

February 9, 2022 

On Friday, Wisconsin became the 26th jurisdiction in the United States to regulate naturopathic doctors. This marks continued momentum and interest for regulating naturopathic medicine, specifically in the Midwest.   

In Wisconsin, Act 130 will create a naturopathic medicine examining board with rule-making authority for licensing naturopathic doctors. The board will be made up of four naturopathic doctors, a primary care physician who has experience in naturopathic medicine and two public members.  

Licensing naturopathic doctors has several benefits in each state, including resident retention and increased job opportunities. In fact, hospital systems in Wisconsin such as Marshfield Medical Center have already expressed interest in hiring naturopathic doctors, said Shaon Hines ND, CNS, CPT, president of Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ILANP).   

  1. Black Naturopathic Opportunity scholarship recipients share advice for students of color considering naturopathic medicine

March 1, 2022 

Last year, National University of Health Sciences created the Black Naturopathic Opportunity scholarship aimed at increasing the representation of Black/African-American physicians in complementary and alternative medicine. Since then, National University has awarded scholarships to six students who were able to receive 50 percent off tuition for their first and second trimesters of study in the naturopathic medicine (ND) program.   

National University caught up with two recent recipients to discuss how they got interested in the profession and their advice for other students of color who are considering a degree in natural medicine. 

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  1. NUHS updates curriculum for the promising future in integrative medicine

February 18, 2022 

 Today, National University’s graduates face a promising health care landscape. Over the decades, alternative medicine has continued to expand its reach everywhere from hospital settings to medical tents at the Olympic Games.   

With the persisting opioid epidemic, obesity epidemic, and the antibiotic resistance crisis increasing demand for natural, nonpharmacological solutions as well, highly trained and skilled graduates are needed more than ever.   

As the industry continues to evolve and grow, NUHS is updating its curriculum so students can meet today’s challenges. Along with the new business courses implemented in spring, NUHS will add new courses within both the chiropractic medicine program and naturopathic medicine program in January. The courses will give students a more in-depth understanding of specific specialties, therapeutics, and the thought processes they can expect to encounter in practice.   

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  1. New internship program at the University of Missouri’s Orthopaedic Institute offers NUHS students an exclusive learning opportunity

November 22, 2022 

National University of Health Sciences students will soon have an opportunity to participate in a new chiropractic internship program at The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute (MOI). 

The institute is part of the MU Health Care system at the University of Missouri, Columbia. The 15-week Chiropractic Intern Program is the first at MOI to include chiropractic students. The internship is an exclusive agreement between NUHS and The University of Missouri School of Medicine. 

MOI is considered the most comprehensive orthopedic center in the region and attracts students, residents, and fellows from around the world. With 400 staff members and state-of-the-art technologies, MOI offers patients total neuromusculoskeletal care in a single location. 

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  1. NUHS dedicates the James F. Winterstein Library to longstanding president

April 18, 2022 

At an historic watershed event during this year’s Homecoming, NUHS President Joseph P.D. Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC, announced the dedication of the James F. Winterstein Library. The library was named in honor of the longstanding president who served from 1986-2013.  

The NUHS community celebrated the dedication during a cocktail reception April 2. Dr. Winterstein and his family were in attendance.  

“Dr. Winterstein provided decades-long service to this institution, the chiropractic medicine profession, and higher education,” Dr. Steifel said. “The night’s festivities were a wonderful ending to a magnificent homecoming.”  

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