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Massage Therapy Student - Anne Waugh

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 "My oldest child had a very bad reaction to vaccination and went from perfectly normal to severely autistic within a month," recalls Anne. This event launched her on a long journey of exploring alternative and natural health care to help her son. With spiritual help, as well as therapy and a residential stay at a detoxification and wellness clinic, "He's completely recovered now," says Anne.

"It really was that whole journey with him, and the other things I was watching and experiencing with my other two children, that sent me on a path," says Anne. "When I realized you can actually recover your child from that, my mission was to help other families."

So Anne became certified to do neurological therapy with special needs kids, as a first step toward her goal of helping families.

Anne had learned that earning her certification in massage therapy would allow her to expand the treatment she could offer to special needs children, and also would be a good learning foundation for an advanced health care degree down the road.

Anne Waugh2

She looked at other massage schools, but picked National because of the cadaver anatomy lab. "Back in college, I'd taken several pre-med courses as an undergrad, and as a dancer was always intrigued by anatomy and the body."

"The MT program at National is so good! It's put together so well, and it's very medically based," says Anne. "You are really learning the most important things, all the fundamentals."

"At every other school I visited, they did the bare minimum of what I consider the most important foundations to massage. They would have plenty of classes on other spiritual techniques, fluff and extra frills. OK, but I'd rather get the real fundamentals and foundation and take those extra things later as continuing education. To me, there was just no comparison between National's massage program and the other schools I looked at."

What's Anne's favorite part of the program? "The cadaver lab," says Anne. "I never tire of studying the body. It is extraordinary! It's also fascinating to be able to see so many different bodies and the different nuances. Each body is created so differently, it's truly amazing. There's just no way to get this education in anatomy from a book."

What's Anne's advice to those considering a career in massage therapy? "I was so impressed with the Introduction to Massage Course here. It's a four-night course you can take before deciding whether or not you want to sign up for the entire program. It gives you such a great snapshot of what the program entails and the intensity of it. You get a really good hands-on experience in just those four nights. So even if you decide a massage career isn't for you, you'll learn some great massage skills."

"I also think if people take that course and then later shop around at other schools, they'll see what other schools have to offer and understand pretty quickly that it's hard to beat National!" says Anne. "I was so glad to be able to take it, because I wasn't sure myself and that course really sealed it for me."

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