Why National? Meet Our Graduates.

Meet More Naturopathic Medicine Graduates

National University's naturopathic medicine graduates are working in a variety of health care venues from hospital residencies to private practice and integrative care clinics. Below are updates on how some of our NDs are defining the future of integrated health care.

Photo of Crystal Landers

Crystal Landers, ND - Self Employed

Crystal Landers, ND opened her own business in suburban Chicago and was recently featured in a local health magazine called Natural Awakenings. "I opened right next door to a DC who I met at NUHS, and am applying the business tools we learned in our program." Crystal is passionate about moving toward optimal wellness through improving immune system and gastrointestinal health.

Photo of Nicholas Morgan

Nicholas Morgan, ND - Integrative Specialty

Nicholas Morgan, ND is in his second year of residency in an integrative arthritis care clinic. Dr. Morgan has also started a private practice in Lansing, Michigan, called the Center for Integrative Wellness, a patient oriented practice that uses evidence based nutrition, dietary intervention, herbal/botanical medicine, and lifestyle modification to promote health.

Photo of Jen Bitner

Jen Bitner, ND - Flexible Career Options

Jen Bitner, ND provides naturopathic consultations in Chicago, and has recently included house calls as one of her services.  Additionally, she is working two days per week in an integrative practice alongside a chiropractic physician at Crystal Lake Natural Health Care.  She especially enjoys using her training in how to boost the immune system and reduce pain and inflammation.

Photo of Tim Marando

Timothy Marando, ND, DC - Naturopathic and Chiropractic Medicine

Timothy Marando, ND, DC, joined a sports medicine practice with his brother, Dr. Paul Marando (another NUHS DC grad). Dr. Marando says his dual degree in naturopathic medicine helps him with athletes who come in with chronic underlying conditions in addition to sports injuries. He feels he has a deeper understanding of physiological processes which helps him in prescribing supplements to maximize his patients' performance.

Photo of Katie Borchert

Katie Borchert, ND, MSOM - Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine

Dr. Katie Borchert has both an ND and MSOM degree from NUHS. She currently works in suburban Chicago at an interdisciplinary chiropractic clinic and a therapeutic massage center that incorporates clinical services. Katie says, "I'm very happy I chose a dual degree in Oriental medicine, as the scope of practice under my acupuncture license is very close to what we do in naturopathic medicine." She hopes to expand her practice in the future, integrating acupuncture and holistic therapy with dental services.

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