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Massage for Seniors

Since baby boomers will be the largest population group seeking health care over the next few decades, it's important for today's massage therapist to understand how massage can help seniors, and what special needs they may have. Unlike years past, today's seniors may be more familiar with massage and more open to seeking massage for pain and stress relief.


However, bringing the benefits of massage to seniors requires special consideration: For example, certain stretching and joint mobility exercises are not advised for older adults. An older person might have difficulty with osteoarthritis as well as decreased flexibility. Changes in older clients' skin will require you to reduce your pressure during a massage.

In National University's massage therapy programs, you'll explore how to address the needs of special populations like senior citizens. That way you'll be ready to work with the largest group of US health care consumers!

In the meantime, the American Massage Therapy Association has two excellent articles about massage therapy that discuss the special considerations of seniors: