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Instructors Learn How to Train More Effective Massage Therapists

Massage therapy is a field where person-to-person contact is essential, but it isn't limited to the massage itself. That contact happens from the minute the client phones for their first appointment, when the therapist greets them at their session, and how a therapist handles client questions throughout and after the massage. Good communication skills are paramount to creating a positive massage experience for the client and ultimately a successful career for the therapist.

That's why National University is proud that several of its staff and faculty recently attended courses on building communication skills in massage students. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) sponsored the workshop as part of its "Instructor on the Front Lines" program.

NUHS instructors: (Back Row L-R) Joan Spencer, Krista Soli Foster,
Jennifer Dexheimer, Candy Washington, Dr. Nicole Brod,
(kneeling) Dr. Patricia Coe, Dr. Heather Wisniewski

"We explored topics such as communication styles, avoiding communication blockers, and the importance of developing active communication skills," says NUHS instructor Candy Washington. "For example, some students are so accustomed to texting as their main communication vehicle, they might forget the importance of making eye contact with their clients."

"I really enjoyed the workshop on teaching methods where we learned about story-telling and role-playing in the massage classroom," Candy adds. "I can't wait to try role-playing in my next class!"

"Teaching our students to be better communicators will help them forge better relationships both with future clients and other health care providers, potentially building better inter-referral networks. Better communication training is a great investment we can bring back to our classrooms."

Learn more about the advantages NUHS offers to its massage students at our upcoming massage therapy information night.