Students Evaluate the Massage Program

The Massage Therapy Advisory Board met recently and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. One of the functions of this group is to review evaluations filled out by our students at the end of each trimester. Through this process, they acknowledge the successes within the program and make suggestions for improvements down the road. Dr. Randy Swenson chairs this board and takes the students' responses very seriously. One of the reasons that National University students have a 91% pass rate on their national board exams is because their feedback and suggestions are used to improve the program and better their experience.

Favorite Classes

The results of the most recent evaluations completed by first trimester students showed that they gave the highest kudos to the fundamentals class. In this course, new students are taught a full body one hour massage. Second trimester students indicated that the chair massage and sports massage courses were their favorites. Third trimester students overwhelmingly gave a high five to the orthopedic and assessment course which they felt gave them invaluable working knowledge of multiple syndromes which might throw them off in future practice.

Students identified the chair massage course as a favorite.

Open to Suggestions

In addition to evaluating the program, current students are also asked to comment on the university as a whole. One area where students thought we needed improvement was to have the campus store open a little later so that they can stop in before classes (which start at 6:00 p.m.). I am happy to report that this request is in the works.

It was also suggested that the CPR course be included in the basic curriculum since it is required that students have this training before their clinical rotation starts. Because many of our students come to us with CPR already under their belt, the Advisory Board didn't think it would be fair to put it in as a required course at this time.

Watching the group in action is just delightful. They have enthusiasm for the work we accomplish here and a true passion for touch therapy. They are the guardians of our program and knowing who they are and how they operate I am reassured that the massage therapy program is in very good hands.