Organization Offers Massage for Cancer Patients

A cancer patient is at the mercy of their disease. Their life is bombarded every day with appointments, managing medications, tests, chemotherapy, radiation and scans, not to mention their physical and emotional disintegration. And this isn't evenconsidering the financial end of things and dealing with insurance companies.

Enter Angie's Spa, named in memory of Angie Levy who tragically lost her life to breast cancer in 2007 at the age of 27. It was Angie's upbeat attitude and love for life's small indulgences that inspired the idea of Angie's Spa. Angie felt so much better when she looked her best. Even through chemotherapy, her nails and toes were always "done" and her makeup was always "on." Knowing that this spa will give that extra boost of self-esteem to other patients would have made Angie extremely proud.

Angies's Spa provides free spa services for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Their first program is being hosted by the Leavey Cancer Center at Northridge Medical Center in Northridge, Calif. The hope is to start programs at other cancer facilities throughout the country, to provide a silver lining on an otherwise dark and cloudy chemo day.

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