"Massage Nerd"

As a massage therapist and instructor at Minnesota School of Business, Ryan Hoyme decided he'd like to reach out to students of massage and professional massage therapists and started his website www.massagenerd.com. Within his website, Ryan has live shows, posts articles, videos and educational resources, and even conducts surveys to keep his thumb on the pulse of the industry

By visiting his website you can watch a demonstration of craniosacral massage, learn anatomy, pathology, draping, and even the business of massage. He reviews products, conducts workshops, shares graphics and powerpoints, and has practice tests and quizzes for students. He even has crossword puzzles and word scrambles that all have to do with massage and the study of massage. The best part is that he offers everything FREE!

I've barely touched on the wide variety of information Mr. Nerd offers, so I urge you to check out the website to discover everything and anything you ever wanted to know about massage.