More Than a School - A Vibrant Community

Deb -lrgGetting the best education possible should be the number one priority for any student and here at National you will be offered that and even more. Aside from the wonderful programs we offer there's so much more going on here.

Did you know that as a student you get free care at our Clinic? See any one of our interns to receive chiropractic care, naturopathic care, acupuncture, or you can give oriental medicine a try. Massages are not included in this perk, but when you enroll in the massage program you'll get massages in your technique classes each week. If you'd like a massage by one of our interns, it would be $40 for one amazing hour of bodywork.

A mentoring program offers academic and social support for those who may experience difficulty adapting to the rigorous academic program and new social environment at NUHS. The Mentor Program is a useful resource for new students provided by current students offering an immediate personal link with experienced guidance and encouragement.

Tutoring is available at no charge. This program focuses on assisting students who are having academic difficulty with the basic sciences or with the curriculum in general.

We also have a fitness center that is free to students. There are machines in one room and weights in the other and there are also locker rooms to change and store your street clothes. Chiropractic interns can lend a hand in helping develop an exercise routine specific to your needs.

There is a Health and Fitness club on campus and they offer yoga (twice a week) and boot camp (once a week) for only $10 per trimester (15 weeks!). Sometimes, in the nice weather, you'll see students practicing yoga on our floating stage in the pond in front of the library. We have basketball and sand volleyball courts, intramural sports and a kiddie park. If you have a band, the floating stage is a great venue to play and the acoustics are great.

There are many other clubs as well. One of the newest is the Earth Club and they have initiated recycling on campus, which was sorely needed and greatly appreciated. On the more academic side, there are clubs supporting the mission of specific fields like the Student Association on Integrative Medicine.

New resident swans arrive every April to grace our pond, fondly referred to as Lake Janse after one of our most respected presidents. The "couple" raises their offspring and keeps the Canada geese at bay. It seems every year the swans get some bad press and last year was no different. One of the baby swans died and shortly thereafter a baby duck was found dead - the father swan was implicated. Their time with us ends in October when they head to their summer home - in Wisconsin! I know, it makes no sense.

Just recently National formed a partnership with Irv & Shelly's Fresh Picks who offer year 'round delivery of food sourced from local sustainable farms that preserve our environment. We are a weekly delivery site for their local and organic produce, meat, dairy, and eggs. This supplies the National community with food at the peak of freshness, packed with vitamins and minerals, and supports our "whole health" approach to wellness. An additional benefit is that we are supporting the livelihoods of local farmers.

To support local artists, the halls of our clinic are adorned with works of art from the Lombard Arts Coalition. Each month the art changes and an ice cream social celebrates the new arrivals.

The community we've created here is small, unique and ever changing. It is centered and balanced with a commonality of supporting whole health. Joining the National community will offer you the opportunity to learn more than just academics. Here, students are offered a chance to change lives, starting with their own.