Today's Massage Therapists Are...

Today's Massage Therapists are…

  • Most likely to enter the massage therapy profession as a second career.
  • Predominantly female (85%).
  • Average age, early 40s.
  • Most likely to be members of a professional organization.
  • Most likely to be sole practitioners.
  • Working an average of 19 hours a week providing massage. (Excluding time spent on other business tasks such as billing, bookkeeping, supplies, maintaining equipment, marketing, scheduling, etc.)
  • Charging an average of $63 for one hour of massage.
  • Earning an average wage of $41.50 an hour (including tip) for all massage related work.
  • Giving an average of 41 massages per month.
  • Likely to provide massage therapy in a number of settings, including their own home, spa/salon, their own office, a health care setting, health club/athletic facility, or massage therapy only franchise or chain.
  • Eighty-nine percent (89%) of massage therapists provide Swedish massage, followed by 82% who provide deep tissue massage, 52% trigger point, and 49% sports massage.