Massage and Self-Care

You may be tempted to trim your wellness budget when economic times are tough, but consider the health benefits associated with massage and keep it in your life by using your imagination.

Experts are saying that one big vacation a year is less helpful to mental and physical health than several shorter ones at regular intervals. Many Americans are staying home or staying closer to home and are visiting local attractions. The new term - and you know there had to be one - is Staycations.

With less expensive mini-vacations, get creative with your use of massage. Have a day trip that includes a museum visit, lunch and a massage. Get a couple's massage as a part of your "staycation."  Mothers, daughters and granddaughters can plan a spa day with massage as the key component creating a bonding experience and launching a new tradition. Gift certificates for chair massage are reasonable and a welcome retreat for weary travelers in airports or shoppers in malls.

Massage is more than a luxury; it's an important part of self-care that has a positive effect on your work and play. Investing in your health is one thing that's sure to pay off in this uncertain world.