Carpe Diem: Sieze the Day

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives." -- Braveheart

Couldn't have said it better myself! And doesn't that one statement just make you want to shake things up in your life? I am challenging you today to make your lives extraordinary. Don't wait. The time is now.

Deb -lrgWhat is an extraordinary life? Well, it is pretty much different things to different people, but I'll be happy to share a few ideas - you know I always do! An extraordinary life would be one that is filled with the things that inspire you and make life worth living. It would be a life where you have purpose and that purpose gives you joy. It would satisfy a need that you have to make an impact on the world. It would be a life where your work supports your dreams and doesn't require you to sacrifice them in exchange for a paycheck.

I have an example from my own life. About two years ago I was ready to shake up my world a bit and being in this learning environment, I wanted to learn. It happened that one day, one of my massage students stopped by to inquire about the Hypnotherapy Certification that National offers through our Postgraduate Department. Since I didn't know much about it, we took a trip to Dr. Jonathan Soltys' office to learn more about it. That woman and that visit changed my life. As I read about the certification I became very interested in it and thought that maybe this would be perfect for me to study and would even open up a new career path for me - and it was right under my nose!

My next visit was with Dr. Ezra Cohen, who had taken the certification. I wanted to be sure that the material presented would be at a level that I could understand since I'm not a doctor. He thought that I would do fine.

In the past, such a monumental decision in my life would have taken much pondering. I would have lost some sleep, doubted my ability to succeed, worried about the investment in time and money, and driven myself and those around me absolutely crazy. But at this point in my life, things were different. I have lived long enough to know that if you're longing for a change and you put it out there and the answer is delivered to you in person, you don't ask questions. You offer up a big fat "thank you" and jump in!

And so I completed the Hypnotherapy Certification, have started a business, and see clients at a local chiropractor's office. The doctor and his massage therapist are both National graduates and I feel very lucky to be associated with them. It is incredibly rewarding work and I feel that I get so much more from my clients than I give. Laura, the MT in the office says the same thing about her massage sessions. When you're in a field of service and it's what you're meant to do, the satisfaction warms you to your soul.

To those of you reading this who are at a crossroads in your life and are thinking about school - don't wait, don't doubt, don't settle - be the author of your own story. Give yourself a push if you need it or call on a significant other, a close friend or a trusted colleague to help you make that leap. People close to you will be the first to encourage you and hold your hand as you venture out into the unknown. I know it's scary but it's also exhilarating to be on a new adventure and creating a whole new opportunity that will open up doors for you that you never dreamt possible.

Come and explore National and the many possibilities here - investigate, ask questions, visit campus, and talk to some of our students who have already made the plunge. Then you can offer up a big fat "thank you" and jump in!