"Letting Go"

Deb -lrgThere's a reason why I've been with National University for five years. Every day - literally every day - I learn something new and useful. Sometimes it's from my colleagues, sometimes from a student or intern, and many times from prospective students. Being in a learning environment opens up so many opportunities to enrich my life and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share some of these things with people who enter our website.

Recently I had a massage and the experience proved to be quite different from my other massages. It was everything it was supposed to be, but this time there was a new twist, which made me very curious. I always want to know what's going on and why, so I went into "research" mode.

What I experienced would best be described as an "emotional release." In my search for more information, that term came up quite often. To briefly explain it, during a massage there is a sense of surrender by allowing someone else to work on you and that alone can bring up unique and strange emotions. Having a massage greatly facilitates the connection between body and mind. When muscles and tissues release on an emotional level, letting go manifests itself in many forms - an audible sigh, laughter, muscle twitching, or even tears. Most releases surface and resolve quickly, but can also leave you puzzled and surprised. Perhaps these emotions are brought to the surface because you literally have the time and opportunity to feel your feelings.

There is also a theory that muscles hold memories. When work is done on the part of the body where a person holds the memory of emotional or physical trauma, emotional release is a common occurrence. In the world of massage, your therapist might say your "tissues have issues."

So apparently, emotional release during bodywork is not unusual and is actually a natural and beneficial part of the cleansing, rejuvenating process of massage. If it happens to you, welcome it, and accept it as your body's way of finding balance and leading you to a higher state of health, both emotionally and physically.

As always, I'm amazed at the power of touch. It is a constant learning process for me as it will be for you if you decide to enter the field of bodywork. National's one-year certification is your ticket into this ever-evolving world. There's so much more to learn, why not do it with us?