Life's Choices

Deb -lrgGrowing up, I attended a parochial school and the first time I heard anything about one's calling in life was from the priests and nuns who were our teachers. Looking back, there was much discussion on the call to vocation, or becoming a nun or priest, but not so much information on the endless list of other fields one could be "called" to. So, at that time in my life, little thought was given to one's mission, outside of the clergy. I've since learned to think outside of the box!

Life is all about the choices we make and how we respond to those choices. I have found often in my life that when presented with a decision, my inner voice (the smart me) tells me what I should do. On the good days I both hear and listen to the message. But other days when I think I'm smarter than the wisdom within, I override those instincts and do it my way. Inevitably it is a disaster. Given the incredible luxury of that inner advisor it is in our best interests to listen - after all, it comes with no agenda.

We are responsible for our choices and at some point in our lives we come to a place where we long to uncover our mission, our life's assignment, our calling, that speaks to us from deep within our soul. As an admissions counselor at National University, I am very lucky to witness people doing just that - responding to their inner voice, exploring the possibilities, and finally, listening to the wisdom within. A calling, in my opinion, is not a job, it's not even a profession. It's fulfilling the need inside of you to give to the world that special gift that is unique to you. It is something you HAVE to do, LOVE to do, and it brings you incredible JOY. 

Almost daily I meet people who are thinking about starting our Massage Therapy Certification Program. When I ask them how they became interested in this profession, a huge percentage of them tell me it's something they've been thinking about for years - something that's been "calling" to them - a little voice of encouragement that they can no longer ignore. They tell me stories of how they gravitate to people in pain and are able, without any formal training, to relax those muscles, work out those knots, and ease someone's aches. They are Massage Therapists. There is no denying that they have a gift to offer to the family of humanity.