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Winter, Winter, and More Winter

Winter continues here at NUHS in the Chicago suburbs. While not a normal winter for the Chicagoland area, the snow has been beautiful in its ubiquitous falling, blanketing and build-up!


Clinic has chugged along through the weather, low temps and snow squalls. Our interns and clinicians have battled through the snarled traffic, snowdrifts and partially successful attempts to start their vehicles to maintain the excellent level of care that the NUHS naturopathic clinic provides!

On days that are not as busy because of the weather, those of us who are in tenth trimester clinic are going through our portfolios and check-off sheets to ensure that we have met our requirements for graduation. When possible, we sit with a clinician and speak of various ailments, maladies and injuries followed by the appropriate triage, treatment and healing strategies for a patient with that illness.

The portfolio includes everything from prenatal care to geriatrics and all stages of life, health and illness in between. Combined with our patient variety, over 450 or more total unique visits and rotations with the Salvation Army clinic in Chicago, the Naperville clinic and homeopathic rotations, we are well prepared as we sit down to discuss these patient conditions and how we would treat them.

So, even though winter is keeping most of us indoors for the next few days, we are quite busy with our clinic duties and fulfilling clinic requirements...well, except for the occasional midnight stroll through a nice little snowstorm! 

Until next week, keep warm and talk to you then!

Winter's Grip

This has been a long two weeks here at NUHS. Old Man Winter has taken hold and doesn't seem to want to let any warm air at all in Chicagoland. This is not the normal state of things here -- the 'Minnesota Chill' invading from the North. Even the lifelong Illinois residents are shocked at the low temps plus the extended time that they have been a visitor to the shores of Northern Illinois.

After a few trips to jumpstart friends' vehicles, make a couple of runs to the auto parts store to help them purchase and install new batteries for their cars, then a quick stop at the grocery store (just to be sure I have the necessities, as any good Southerner in the face of winter would do), I settled down by my window to write this week's blog.

I intended to write on a different subject this week; that topic will be saved for later. This week is all about beauty. I write about this because the cold weather, dark clouds, winds and sequestration required in the house due to subzero temperatures can make one a bit stir crazy. Sure, I have my studies, books, exercises, and some cooking to keep me busy, but that doesn't compare to the feeling a drawing in a long deep breath, even if it freezes and solidifies my epiglottis!


So, as I started writing this entry, I glanced out of my window and saw the sun...and crystal clear blue skies that reminded me of the community swimming pool and the first day it opens!  So crisp, no jet contrails, the sun with an aura of warmth that doesn't quite reach yet feels wonderful through a protective pane of glass.

That sun was beautiful, the sky was gorgeous and with those two prompts these past few days have seen an explosion of beauty all around me. From a realization that only a few more weeks of winter are left to counting down the days to graduation and seeing beauty grow in my colleagues around me, with me and beyond all of us.

If you want my advice, (and I understand if you don't) take in the beauty around you. Even if that beauty is the tiniest thing, it can jumpstart a progression, a cascade, or avalanche might be more appropriate at this time of year, of beauty extending from you, to you and within you.

Back to clinic, Lyme disease and musculoskeletal rehabilitation today. All beautiful in their healing design and effectiveness!