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Thanksgiving Thanks

Rather than continue the Naturopathic Principles this week, since this is most likely my final Thanksgiving here, I want to share what I am thankful for both here at NUHS and in my life. Thank you all for indulging me this week.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Naturopathic Interns of the NUHS Whole Health Center - Lombard!

Just a few things that I am thankful for...

  • The privilege of attending naturopathic medical school at NUHS.
  • The basic sciences curriculum, which is rigorous and prepares us well.
  • Dr. Sue Darby and Dr. Robert Humphreys for being relentless in neuroanatomy.
  • Janse Pond, where I sat and studied many days.
  • Dr. Fraser Smith and Dr. James Winterstein for their dedication to rebuilding and accrediting our school in record time!
  • Again, Dr. Fraser Smith, for being willing to listen to student concerns regarding the program and its future.
  • Our clinicians at the NUHS Whole Health Center, who listen to our treatment plans and ideas and give us the leeway (with a safety net) to help our patients to the best of our ability!
  • Tony, Mark, Tom, Tom, Tony, Tony, Frank, Shelby and Marilyn! You make EVERY day a joy on this campus!
  • Bob, Mary Ann, Mark and Sharon of Financial Aid! Your help with planning and budgeting is priceless...what a pun!
  • The entire faculty and staff at NUHS, especially Marie Olbrysh and the Communications staff for allowing this forum for students to openly share their experiences at NUHS.

In my life...

  • That both of my parents are still with us and 'on the mend'!
  • My three sisters back home who are sharing care duties for my folks!
  • My family and friends of many years.
  • Lauren, whom I wouldn't have met without being at NUHS. You make me happy, dear!
  • Those who have helped with life lessons that have put me exactly where I am today!
  • Self-sustainable skills and traits learned from my parents while growing up.

That just about does it this week!  Hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving and are with the ones you love!  I'll continue next week with the Naturopathic Principles.