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One Trimester to Go

This week marks the end of my classes at NUHS and only one more trimester of clinical internship to go. 

I have shared time for the last two weeks between at the Salvation Army rotation in downtown Chicago and the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard, Illinois. Working at both clinics makes for long days (typically 5am-7pm). At the same time, some of the most rewarding patient interaction I have experienced has been over these two weeks with our patients at the Salvation Army clinic!

There is the combination of compelling patient histories combined with the opportunity to quickly examine, diagnose (under the guidance of our clinician at Salvation Army) and treat our patients in a high-speed clinical setting, solely because the patient volume is so great.

Michael and Candice, two of the incredible interns at Salvation Army who share their time,
patients and expertise with the ND Interns who rotate through their clinic.

This trimester has helped me to grow as a future doctor through improving my examination, diagnostic and charting skillsets. What used to take more than an hour to chart can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes through efficient use of charting during the visit, as well as charting the necessary and relevant information as a means of documenting the patient visit.

Now, as I enter what may well be my final Christmas season here in Illinois, say goodbye to many friends who are graduating this week, and prepare for the final trimester here at Illinois, I also look forward to the opportunity that the next five months are going to bring.

The opportunities for externships (the chance to work in a practice outside the NUHS system) are available for those who finish their competencies (or specific numeric and knowledge based goals) with time left in their final trimester. I am on track to be able to compete for the externships and hope to have the opportunity to put my education to use outside these hallowed grounds prior to graduation. After all, what better way to see how we "size up" to practice in the real world, than seeing patients in a true private practice setting!

I wish each of you a joyous and fulfilling holiday season! I'll start up the blog upon returning in January.