All Requirements Complete

Well everyone, I sit here writing the blog this week unofficially finished with all classes, patient visits, competency requirements, file audits and procedures, with the exception of finishing my clinic hours over the coming week.

These are the minimum requirements as they stand for me as I graduate on April 17th. In many cases, all of the interns have accomplished far more than the minimum for many of these requirements. These requirements evolve as the clinic grows and matures, so if you are starting now, you should see an expanded skillset in future trimesters!

  • Total Clinic Hours: 1230
  • Primary patient visits: 225
  • Secondary patient visits: 225
  • Total Patient visits: 450
  • First Office Intakes: 20
  • Screening (Full Body) Physical Exams: 15
  • Complaint Oriented Physical Exams: 30
  • Orthopedic Exams: 10
  • Female Sensitive Exams: 3
  • Male Sensitive Exams: 3
  • Dietary Assessments: 25
  • Dietary Modifications: 25
  • Nutritional Supplementation: 25
  • In Office Hydrotherapy: 20
  • Physical Medicine (PT): 15
  • Manipulative Therapy: 15
  • Homeopathy, Acute Remedy: 15
  • Homeopathy, Constitutional Remedy: 1
  • Botanical Medicine, Tincture: 10
  • Botanical Medicine, Product: 20
  • Venipuncture: 15
  • Lab Reporting: 15
  • Outreach Hours for Clinic: 20
  • File Audits: 15

Photo of Hydrotherapy Room with Hubbard tank
Hydrotherapy Room

Speaking of requirements, since I have finished mine I'm helping out the interns currently working on the hydrotherapy shift, assisting the 8th trimester interns with their patients, updating paperwork and mentoring those following me in clinic. I have shared a pic of one of the hydro rooms with the Hubbard tank (as a peat bath fills) and the Russian steam cabinet. In other words, plenty of work is always available in the NUHS naturopathic clinic. Patients are filling the waiting room as they discover our clinic and all it has to offer!

Well, next week will be my final blog as a naturopathic student and intern here at NUHS. I'll do my best to capture the feeling, emotions and challenges ahead with my entry next week.