The Grind in Mid Trimester

Well, we are at that time of the trimester where the days seem to drag a bit and we are concerned either with midterms or double-checking our competencies, skills assessments and total numbers for graduation.

Each intern is either busy seeing patients, busy scheduling patients or busy with practicing competencies, discussing treatment strategies, and assessing each other prior to sitting with a clinician for assessment.

2014-02-20_Tri 11_Week6

As I write this, I see my colleagues discussing botanicals protocols for estrogen balance in a post-menopausal female, as well as the proper settings for immersed ultrasound therapy for a wrist strain/sprain.

As far as my competencies and numbers are concerned, I'm closing in on my primary visits as the primary intern, pretty much have my competencies covered except for a couple of items, and am ready to start my assessment discussions.

That being said, time to get back to the grindstone, finish up charting my last two patients, and hopefully end clinic on time tonight.

Until next week, keep your nose to the grindstone and we will visit again soon!