Clinic Teamwork

This past week has seen some of the greatest teamwork I have witnessed since beginning clinic observation over a week ago.

Sometimes when working as an intern at the NUHS Whole Health Center one can feel a bit 'behind the eight ball.' Seemingly running from patient to patient, keeping the cases and patient presentation in mind, completing and filing paperwork, correcting paperwork, retrieving and returning needed supplies for each patient visit is a challenge, all while ensuring that our patients have our undivided attention and best possible care to attain the most favorable outcome.


During these times, as naturopathic interns, we feel that we can accomplish everything, don't really need anyone and can never 'miss a beat.' Well, I'm here to tell you that great teammates mean everything! There's the teammate, a secondary on a patient visit, who goes the extra mile by staying late to help with getting lab samples centrifuged, plasma gathered and shipped overnight to the lab for processing ensuring the patient will have their results in a timely manner. There are the teammates who flawlessly fill in for an intern with a patient who needs regular treatment, help the patient on their healing process, and give the patient a strong sense of continuity of care. Finally, there is the teammate who can step in at a moment's notice with a patient who needs expert procedural care or a quite challenging venipuncture and can hit the bullseye with excellent bedside manner, giving the patient confidence in the care we provide. 

Part of the joy of attending in the NUHS Whole Health Center is precisely the teamwork shared by the naturopathic interns here. At any moment, we could be the primary intern on a case, the secondary, or called in to help with a skill that we have mastered. We all recognize each other's strengths and call on each other, without ego interfering, when we need the help. This is my idea of being a doctor, healer, and caregiver. This is how I envision my future clinic running. This is the type of intern/doctor that I am proud to share my education with here at NUHS and in the future as colleagues.

Much thanks to all of my colleagues here at NUHS for your knowledge sharing, cooperation and guidance. I am fortunate to have spent some time with you here at NUHS and feel secure in the future of our medicine with you in practice and caring for our fellow humans!