Busy Week

This week is quite the busy week! Between finishing the move from my old apartment to the new place on campus for my final trimester, work, and seeing patients in clinic, I have been a busy guy!

This week I'm introducing two of our new clinicians in the Naturopathic Clinic here at NUHS.

(L-R) Dr. Melissa Dybala, Intern Tim Ammons (myself), and Dr. Kathy Kamin

Dr. Kathy Kaminis a naturopathic medicine graduate of Bastyr University. She recently sold a successful practice in Arizona that she owned for over 20 years to return to Illinois. Dr. Kamin has had much success with weight loss therapies, chronic illness, and as a general practitioner while in Arizona. Dr. Kamin brings a wealth of clinical, business and practice experience to our clinic and program. Her clinical pearls and vignettes on how to set up, start, run, and build a successful practice are invaluable. She will help many of us who will be stepping out on our own in the coming months and years.

Dr. Melissa Dybalais both a naturopathic and chiropractic medicine graduate of NUHS. Dr. Dybala has been a member of a successful practice in Chicagoland for the past several years. She brings the physical medicine aspect of naturopathic care to her guidance of our interns. Combining physical medicine with the naturopathic philosophy to return our patients to a basis for health is one of Dr. Dybala's guiding principles. Combining this treatment modality with her vast knowledge of botanical treatment protocols is an advantage that our interns enjoy here at NUHS.

We are lucky to have both of these excellent clinicians join the faculty as our mentors, guides and leaders on the naturopathic side of the NUHS Whole Health Center. Each day is a joy to learn, grow and thrive under their tutelage.

Until next week, stay warm and keep plenty of vitamin D3 on hand until winter is over!