Farewell Dr. Baltazar

This week's blog is bittersweet. This week I will say goodbye to our Chief of Naturopathic Clinics, Dr. Kelly Baltazar. While I (and many classmates and staff) are very sad that Dr. Baltazar is leaving NUHS, we are overjoyed for her and her new opportunity in practice! 

A bit of info about Dr. Baltazar. Dr. Baltazar earned her naturopathic medicine doctorate from Bastyr University and subsequently completed her chiropractic medicine doctorate from National University of Health Sciences. She stepped into the role of Chief of Naturopathic Clinics upon the inception of the clinical portion of the naturopathic medicine program here at NUHS. Dr. Baltazar, along with others, built our naturopathic clinical program from the ground up. She worked as part of the team to develop the forms for the paperwork, procedural manuals, visit protocols, scheduling, and assessments for all interns.  

Beginning with only a handful of students and growing the program to over 100 naturopathic students currently enrolled, Dr. Baltazar has mentored, guided, nudged, reined-in, and congratulated every naturopathic Intern upon graduation from the first student through the most recent graduates. 

Dr. Baltazar's legacy earning CNME accreditation for an upstart naturopathic medical school in an unlicensed state for NDs within seven years, which is an amazing feat!  While she didn't do this alone, the responsibility for the clinical portion of the program fell upon her shoulders entirely and she excelled at building a thriving naturopathic clinic! 

With a heavy heart and big smile for her new adventures, we all wish Dr. Baltazar much success and happiness in her new endeavors with Cancer Treatment Centers of America! She will be an excellent ambassador for our profession and for our university! 

Dr. Baltazar is standing front row center, to the right of
Dr. Fraser Smith, Assistant Dean of Naturopathic Medicine

Some student comments for Dr. Baltazar... 

"Dr. Baltazar, may your journey be filled with joy, success, abundance, and love for what you do and those around you!"
-- All of us 

"The moral of the story is that it takes seven people to make one of you."
-- An intern to Dr. Baltazar at her going away party 

"She simply rocks!"
-- A 9th Trimester Intern 

"Probably the best teacher I've ever had, including elementary, high school and undergraduate! She knew how to break down information into easily understandable terms."
-- A 9th Trimester Intern 

"She was the rock in a chaotic river in clinic!"
-- A 10th Trimester Intern