Student Clinic

Hi, everyone!

The first official week of Student Clinic is in the books and it was a full one! I was able to see five patients the first week and the time flew! Of course, it seemed as much time was spent with paperwork as with the patients, yet this is a necessary part of the patient visit to ensure that those who see a patient after me know exactly what I talked about with the patient. 

First a little background on student clinic here at NUHS. During 8th trimester, ND students are interns in Student Clinic. In other words, we only see students and their families during 8th trimester. This is to prepare us for seeing the general public in 9th and 10th trimesters. We are allowed and even encouraged to recruit our patients from the student population here on campus, as recruiting patients is part of building a practice once we graduate. When a patient doesn't request a specific intern, the patient is assigned based upon an objective alphabetical rotation. In other words, we have plenty of patients to see and help in Student Clinic even with minimal recruiting efforts. 


The week kicked off with a new patient visit, which typically is supposed to take about 90 minutes. Of course, a brand new intern with a new patient, new file, fresh paperwork and a steep learning curve means that 90 minutes is an attainable goal, yet often is one that is not met with a first visit. Take that first visit and follow it immediately with a patient who is returning for a follow-up visit and you have the recipe for a full day! Now, since our Student Clinic hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm to 7pm, multiply that by 3 and add all patient file paperwork that must be completed before leaving at the end of the day! Whoa! :) 

Thank goodness, our ND clinicians are around to give us a helping hand, guidance and solid suggestions when we "err off course" just a bit! Without their short bits of advice and a finger pointed in the proper direction, I'm certain 10 interns would have been scurrying in all directions. :) A quick shout out to our clinicians in the ND clinic and their patience, guidance and sense of humor! 

The rubber is meeting the road and it's time to apply everything that has been learned (or absorbed) for the previous three years. I'm honored and grateful that others trust their well being to me in Student Clinic at NUHS. I'm grateful that we have the strong clinicians to guide us during our internship!