Back to School

Hi, everyone! All of us here at NUHS are back from break and getting into the rhythm of classes or clinic schedules. In my case, I have finally started the final lap here at NUHS and have entered Student Clinic. 

But first a little about this past break and my trip back home to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. I've included a pic from one of my favorite hilltops behind the "homestead" back in WNC. 


During my trip back home I was able to catch up with my family and friends, spend some quality time together and relax just a bit. I hiked a few miles on the Appalachian Trail that is very near my home at Sam's Gap in North Carolina and the views were spectacular! I caught a few odd looks from those who had been on the trail for awhile (guess they were wondering where my gear was), but all in all had a nice chat with one hiker as they descended from the trail to get a few supplies at a little store nearby the trail. Amazing how we traipsed all over the woods as kids never worrying about supplies, hiking poles, packs, etc., yet as an adult, I was concerned about hiking a few ridges that I had covered many times as a kid. All in all, a great trip and I'm thankful for my family and friends back home, catching up while seemingly not missing a beat, and leaving with a sense of love and fulfillment.

Now, back to school. I'm entering Student Clinic this trimester as an intern who will be working with students currently attending NUHS and their families. The cohort entering Student Clinic this trimester is, I believe, the largest cohort yet for our naturopathic medical school and the groups following are even larger! This first week is going to kick off with a bang, as my appointment schedule is booked for the week with students completing their "freshmen physicals." A freshman physical is a complete head-to-toe physical and naturopathic intake that typically takes about two hours, after some practice. I believe most of us will take somewhere between two and three hours for our first couple of intakes until we get our time management skills improved. :)

Well, with that I suppose it's time to get the shirts pressed, the slacks creased, the intern's white coat spotless, and step into the role of the student healer. A big welcome to all of our first trimester students in the professional programs and our undergraduate students! Until I graduate, I'll do my best to share life in the clinic over the coming year--stories of my time there as well as insight into other interns' journeys here at NUHS! 

Talk to you next week!