Time Crunch

This past week has been an expansion of my efforts I listed for you in my blog. 

As an example, I just completed a presentation for my Advanced Botanical Prescribing class to be presented next week. The presentation is a review of the cardiovascular drug, digoxin, along with referenced studies of botanical interactions on the efficacy of digoxin's function in the human body. I chose to focus on three botanicals. These are Hypericum perforatum or St. John's Wort, Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha, and Crataegus oxycantha or Hawthorne. The interactions between digoxin and these botanicals were surprising and warrant further study. I'm sure my classmates will be interested in the findings I present next week. 


Many people take botanical supplements alongside their pharmaceutical prescription drugs with the notion that botanicals are all natural, not chemically derived, so they must be inherently safe. What most don't realize is that botanicals have chemical constituents that impact the human body and can interact with pharmaceutical drugs by either increasing or decreasing the drug's effect, to keep things simple for our purposes here. Pharmaceuticals are prescribed for specific reasons and should never be tampered with by altering the prescription or adding supplements unless under the direction of a licensed provider. This goes for the patient, friends, family, or those who wish to help yet may not understand the impact of what appears to be friendly advice. 

With the exception of the myriad reports, presentations, reviews, quizzes, and exams that are typical of eighth trimester, my week has consisted of work, and a short break to the theatre to see a movie. While things are a bit tedious right now, I'm certain once this trimester is completed and "in the books" so to speak, I'll be able to get out and about and let you guys know a bit about the area this spring and summer! I can't wait for some nice warm spring days to get to the lake and enjoy the scenery! 

Until next week may your springtime arrive and the birds wake you with song!