Projects and Papers and Presentations - Oh My

As I started eighth trimester here at NUHS, my fellow students who had just completed eighth would pat those of us on the shoulder beginning this course load with empathy (or was it sympathy?) and mumble a few words of encouragement. Well, after completing midterms week and surviving (albeit with a few bumps and bruises), I felt pretty good and as though I had accomplished traversing exactly half of eighth trimester! Only 6 more weeks to go from here and it's all downhill right? Nope! 

I found that the work had only really started. I generally am pretty happy with my organizational skills. I tend to fill my schedule's deadlines at the start of each trimester and check in from week to week so I know what class to concentrate my efforts toward to maximize time. In other words, I'm not a procrastinator and that has helped with completing various tasks I need to successfully navigate the naturopathic medicine program's workload. This trimester is different however. 

Here's a breakdown of upcoming projects, papers, presentations that are due over the coming weeks (not counting finals week). So, over the next three weeks I have the following work to complete for each listed class: 

Doctor Patient Relationship

  • Referenced Paper - The Nature of Patient Interaction when Suffering 


  • 20 Minute Presentation - What is Naturopathic Medicine?
  • Naturopathic Practice - Fact Sheet on a practice/doctor/therapies
  • Naturopathic Practice - Patient Handout on a specific condition
  • Update Hypothetical Practice Website with assigned information

Advanced Botanical Prescribing

  • 20 Minute Presentation (with handouts) on botanicals utilized for Cardio-Vascular Conditions
  • Personal Study Plan for the NPLEX Part II Botanical Section 

Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

  • 20 Minute Presentation (with handouts) - Autoimmune Diseases and vaccines (including adjuvants for the vaccines) 

Functional Medicine

  • 20 Minute Presentation (with handouts) - Testing for Foreign Materials in Dental Appliances and Fillings; Explore for cross-reactions with oral microbes and dental work based upon recent research 

This list doesn't count Dermatology and Special Populations classes with their content and workload! This may seem like a lot of work with the addition of time in class, quizzes (both in class and online), cases assigned as well as work. Yet, at the same time, having been in the working world with multiple project deadlines, these fixed concrete dates allow me to plan and take care of the work that needs to be done, even if time does seem to contract as deadlines approach. This is absolutely the busiest, most task filled, time constrictive trimester I have had here at National, especially with the new work hours. At the same time, the classes are engaging, challenging and building upon previous concepts so the work doesn't seem as tedious and making progress is an enriching feeling! 

No food pics this week.  I'll do my best to whip up a new recipe or rehash something into an appetizing tidbit. 


Here's a pic of the campus during the transition to spring! Just a little snow left on the ground in mid-March with warmer weather on its way!  Hoping for an easy transition this year and many outdoor adventures in April! 

Until next week, may your deadlines be extended and you have plenty of time to do the best work ever seen!