What a Schedule

Well, I'm sitting here in the middle of Week 3 of 7th Trimester wondering where the first two weeks went! This trimester, I believe is solely to test whether we can arrive at class on time, with homework completed and dressed appropriately, whether for simulated patients, clinic observation or simply remembering to clothe ourselves before leaving the house for school! :) 

The intensity of the information being delivered, the tasks being performed in class, lab and clinic along with the homework cycle is a strong rival to the "Terrible Triad" of classes from Trimester Two! The Terrible Triad is otherwise known as Head and Neck Gross Anatomy Lab, Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy. These classes more than any other, have convinced many students here at NUHS (including yours truly) that the insanity track, or the track that will complete the program in only 10 trimesters, is sometimes a bit much if other factors are involved in one's life such as a longer commute, family or even a part-time job. 

One's preferred schedule here at NUHS can be as individually tailored as the person taking the classes. As with any endeavor in life, the choices boil down to the factors of time and money. How much time can you devote to your classes, both individually and throughout the program as a whole? Also, how much money do you have to be either employed part-time while attending classes on a lighter schedule (though still difficult, just fewer classes per trimester) or "self employed" as a Naturopathic Medical Student. 

Speaking of time and money, an old dear friend (back in my Joe Six Pack days) used to lecture me on spending money on being healthy now by exercising and eating properly or spending money later on maintaining health with prescriptions, surgeries, etc. Let's just say I was driving hell-bent on the road to either a stroke or a heart attack in my mid 30's.  

I did a pretty good job of getting healthier through learning, utilizing and pursuing a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Once I entered med school, however, my schedule became super full. I was poor at managing personal and school time separately, and health slowly began to waver, then wane--not terribly, but enough to cause concern to me through a tightening waist on my pants and a truly striking lack of energy on a daily basis.

(L-R) Steve Occhetti, David Popovic and the Panther Fan

Enter Trimester 7, a renewed focus on balance between school, health and Vitamin R (one of the Determinants of Health...rest, relaxation, rejuvenation). Combine the new focus with Steve Occhetti and Dave Popovic, who are true motivators! These guys, nearly 20 years my junior, and both of whom are excellent athletes, invited the "wily veteran" to join them with their workouts. Now then, any person who is halfway motivated to improve their health, increase energy and enjoy some laughs and groans at the jokes shared could not pass up this opportunity! 

So, you guessed it, I made time in my schedule despite this load of classes, patient simulations, clinic observation and homework (and exams...yarrrr) to ensure that I give my physiological person the same opportunity to grow that I have given my intellectual person (I use that term loosely) while here at med school. Only one facet left--my spiritual person through personal reflection, centering and calming. I'm still working on that one a bit, yet I guess we all are to one degree or another. 

I'll be sure to keep all of you updated on the happenings of the Naturopathic Student Gathering as well as my efforts at improvement in my personal triad (intellectual, physical and spiritual...or mind, body, spirit) as well! 

Now, time for some homework, then the Tri Mixer this coming Friday where we "seasoned" students welcome our new colleagues to NUHS over food, drinks and great stories! I'm grateful that our student population is open and welcoming to our new students each trimester despite their hectic schedules. I feel that is but one of the facets that make our student population incredible! 

See you next week!