Hi Everyone! 

Not much to report this week except for midterms! Let's see, this week an exam on heart and lung sounds in Physical Diagnosis lab on Monday, midterm for Homeopathy III class on Wednesday, midterm for Pharmacology II class on Thursday, as well as a 40-minute marketing presentation for Practice Management class. Finally on Friday, a midterm in Advanced Lab Diagnostics and Endocrinology class!  A busy, busy week coming up so I haven't had much opportunity to get "out and about" for the past few days.  


I promise I'll have more next week! I want to talk about our Practice Management class a bit more as well as Homeopathy and our Pharmacology courses. Talk about building a toolkit to prepare us for being great doctors in the future!  Well, back to studying. 

Let's see, this week I am thankful that I don't have any more exams, presentations or cases due than I already have! There's the silver lining! Until next week!