Eternal Gratitude

This week's entry is simply to thank those who have given the 'Full Measure of Sacrifice' for each of us who lives in the United States. My father lost a brother, Edward, in the Pacific Campaign in World War II as well as his twin brother, Otto in the Korean Conflict. Many of my classmates have lost friends or family in the current conflict. Regardless of opinion on decisions made by leadership in this country, each generation has stepped forward and answered the call to defend our Great Nation. The rank and file Citizen Soldiers of the United States has secured the freedom to determine our destiny regardless of any classifying factor, as well as the freedom to disagree in a civil manner and exercise the tremendous power of the voting process to maintain a just and balanced leadership.


The posting this week is best summed up by a note shared by Sharilyn, a classmate who is a veteran and worked in a military hospital:

"I was working the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) one night at an Air Force hospital with a patient who was having an MI. He was there alone. When I asked him if there was any family we could call for him, he said no, that his family had left him long ago. He was no longer the person they knew before he went to war. It became real at that moment for me. There are many casualties of war, each just as devastating. I can't help but think about military families and soldiers whose lives have been forever changed, especially those close to me. There are never sufficient words of comfort, but know on this end, today and every day, I offer you a grateful heart."

I am eternally grateful to those who have sacrificed their lives in the defense of our United States of America. My heart goes out to their loved ones, full of empathy and thanks for their sacrifice as well. May our current generation of veterans be the last who need to leave our shores and may they never be called to defend our home on our soil. Blessings to them all.