Planting a Garden

Hi Everybody! Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Moms, and especially my Mom! 

How do I start my first post? Well, how about a big 'Thank You' to those who posted before me. Without the stories of Rachel, Ashley and especially Miravone to help provide a better perspective on the day-to-day activities of student life while attending NUHS, I feel I would have been far less prepared to begin studies here after being away from academia for some time. In particular, thanks to Miravone for recommending me to follow in her footsteps with the honor of sharing a little about being a naturopathic student at NUHS. 

The Summer 2012 Trimester is chock full for me. I am currently considered a 'full load' 6th trimester student. This means that I am taking all of the classes listed on the schedule for 6th trimester naturopathic students or 25.5 credit hours. Additionally, I enrolled in a Botanicals elective geared toward harvesting and preparing botanical remedies through various means. Exciting times! I am beginning the second half or clinical portion of my medical education here at NUHS after completing the basic sciences--thank goodness!  

The basic sciences at NUHS are challenging and demanding of time, effort and attention. Take one day off and you know you are behind. The great part about the basic science portion of the curriculum at NUHS is that students from all professional programs are in class together for the first two years with just a few exceptions. We are learning in an integrative medical environment from day one at NUHS. After all, even though naturopathic and chiropractic doctors may approach patient care and treatment with some differences, we are still working with the same human body.

Learning how the human body functions is consistent whether a naturopathic, chiropractic or allopathic doctor. We all need to know and understand the biochemical pathways, physiology and structure of the human body in order to apply our treatment methodologies. Suffice to say, that a strong sense of respect for individuals, incredible teamwork and sharing of practice methodology happens as we each form our professional manner and approach to patient care. The combined classes in the first two years are, in my opinion, one of the strongest offerings of attending NUHS. We tend to take a broader look at patient care through association with our colleagues from other disciplines sitting next to us in class all day. I'll talk more about the first two years in a future post. Plenty of stories to share from those days!

We are getting into the fun stuff now! Here we go with the garden theme! Our class is performing a lot of problem solving by using the knowledge we have gained while 'planting the seeds of future docs' with our basic sciences professors. Now our clinical professors are helping us to fortify and nourish that knowledge through clinical cases, discussions, presentations, physical exam exercises, and yes, learning to draw blood in phlebotomy lab! Finally, when we begin our internships, our clinicians will help us to harvest everything we have learned to that point by working with patients who need our care to 'return to the basis for health.' The learning never stops. My suspicion is that learning will kick into 'overdrive' once we graduate and have dropped our training wheels after leaving the clinic, so to speak. 


Speaking of gardens, this weekend was planting weekend for a few of us from NUHS who have garden plots in the Lombard Community Garden.  Many students and some professors have plots in the garden to grow veggies, herbs and flowers. In the picture above, Mike (chiropractic student), Sharilyn (ND student) and I take a small break to discuss planting strategies and the fact that we probably should be doing homework instead of gardening! :) We were kidding around about trying to pose similar to American Gothic, but I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to have cheesy grins. Can't work all the time though! Rest is a determinant of health, and gardening is great rest for the mind and soul!

Former ND blogger Rachel used to post a Joy List item each week with her blog. In homage to her, I'll be posting a 'Thankfulness, Joy, Happiness' thought, quote or post over the next weeks.

Thankfulness Thought

This week (and all weeks) I'm thankful for my Mom, Bobbie Jo Ammons. She has supported four kids in their endeavors, trials and successes, all while taking care of now three generations of kids from our family. She never seems to tire with each succeeding generation of babies as they grow and mature. Happy Belated Mother's Day to my mom and all moms everywhere! 

Until next week, in the words of Dr. Louise Edwards, "Keep your vitamin R (rest, relaxation and rejuvenation) at a high level, smile a lot, and enjoy every minute!" 

Be well!