Midterms are FINALLY over! Talk about a roller coaster week! The euphoria of earning an A on one exam, followed on the same day by discovering a "less than stellar" grade in another class, immediately prior to entering a midterm for Psychopathology class...of all things! When considering how appropriate entering a midterm dealing with psychological pathologies is compared to any other exam that could have been scheduled at that time, at that place, in the wake of the experiences of the day, the only thing I could do was laugh (not during the test of course). 

This past week has truly been a blur. When sitting to review tests with my instructors, I had some difficulty remembering specific content or details around large concepts. This is the first time I have experienced this feeling since second trimester (the Terrible Triad trimester of Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology along with Head and Neck Anatomy...alliteration unintentional here). I'm starting to think that the notion of taking 28 credit hours while planning the Gathering involved a bit of masochism in my planning objectives for this term. :)


Well, my mighty Carolina Panthers came to Chicago this week and ALMOST pulled off the victory from the hometown Chicago Bears. I did my share of talking up my team in the week prior to the game, though tempered a bit as the Bears are looking great this year. My good natured classmates, who are true fans and have great respect for a good contest, didn't give me a hard time at all even though we lost in the waning minutes of the game. Here's to my classmates and all the fans of the Chicago Bears! Good people all! We'll get you next year, though! :)

Gathering Update 

I'm very happy to report that the administration of NUHS opened all resources necessary on campus to ensure that the Naturopathic Gathering is a complete success for our university! While I am not surprised at all regarding the support of the administration, the entire Gathering Team and I have been thrilled at the cooperation and support from our school. This is teamwork among colleagues, trust in the student leaders of the conference, and good will built within the naturopathic community from the original (and newest) naturopathic medical school.


I'll close this week with best wishes for our colleagues, their families, friends and everyone impacted by the path of Hurricane Sandy this week. May the first responders safely care for those in the wake of the storm and may those who are watching over others be safe in their duties as well. Everyone hunker down, stay safe, and keep thoughts and prayers strong for this storm to be over quickly and with as little damage to lives and property as possible.