Fall is Here--and So is Tons of Homework

Hi, everyone!

This week I am absolutely covered in homework! So far, three quizzes (two scheduled, one unscheduled), two cases and a paper! I have times during the day that I wonder what day it is as well as which class is next. Sounds funny and it is, yet I thought this stuff was supposed to 'even out' a bit as we continued through the program. Well, I guess not!

Coming up, I have a group presentation to turn in this week for presenting next week to the class, two more cases...wait, check that...three cases for next week, and start midterms the week following.


Gathering Update

On another note, planning is going well for the Gathering in November! The website is getting updated almost daily with new activities, speakers' topics and information. The opening and closing ceremony team had our first practice session last week and more to come this week (hope to have a pic of that for you next week). The banquet and band are coming together nicely for Saturday night to entertain our guests! That's only my portion of the responsibilities.

The team met today to make a short video about the Gathering, thanks to Shaon's efforts on scripting and reserving the studio. The promotion team is charged up with getting the word out to the other six schools and building a display in our bookstore window, thanks to Alison's efforts. We will have an all-organic and gluten-sensitive menu for the entire weekend thanks to the work put in by Kristen and her team. Our speakers are lined up and reserved thanks to Aubrey, John, Thor, and Erica! Also, thanks to the other teams of volunteers who are stepping up and getting all of the nitty-gritty taken care of on a daily basis as the countdown continues to the 2012 Naturopathic Gathering! A great team putting together an incredible event!

Have a great week everyone!