Office of Financial Aid

Institutional Scholarships

National University offers a number of scholarships to students who have completed a minimum number of trimesters and who meet a minimum cumulative grade point average as stated in the application. As the scholarship funds come from endowment earnings, the earnings are distributed when there is sufficient income to award. Enrolled students will be informed when to apply for these institutional scholarships.

Scholarships for Fall 2019

Applications for these scholarships must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid no later than
5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 25th, 2019
to be considered. You may email completed applications and documents to or drop them off at the Office of Financial Aid.

Eligibility criteria for each scholarship is listed on the application.



  • Award of $2,495
  • DC


  • Award of $3,027
  • DC

Col. Sanders

  • Award of $3,605
  • DC

Diane Winterstein Scholarship

  • Award of $1,391
  • ALL


  • Award of $1,375
  • DC


  • Award of $2,438
  • DC


  • Award of $28,885 (devided annually among eligible students)
  • ALL


  • Award of $1,597
  • DC


  • Award of $5,243
  • DC


  • Award of $1,475
  • ALL


  • Award of $1,628
  • DC

Unless otherwise noted, each scholarship applicant is required to submit a written narrative indicating the value of the scholarship in assisting the applicant in furthering his or her educational and/or practice goals. There may be additional requirements which must be met in order to qualify for a scholarship.

Scholarship Application

Submit a completed application and required documents (if applicable) to the Office of Financial Aid. You may apply for more than one scholarship using the same application.

Applications are also available in the Office of Financial Aid.


If you have questions about any of the scholarships listed or your eligibility for a particular scholarship program, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 630-889-6518 or