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Federal Work Study

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Federal Work Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally subsidized student employment program offered to needy students to assist in meeting the cost of education. Students earn money while attending school thus reducing reliance on student loans.


Students employed under the FWS program can work on-campus in a wide variety of jobs. Examples of on-campus employment opportunities include working in the Library or university offices such as Admissions, Registrar or Student Services. Please read the FAQ below for additional information.

Work Study
Students employed in regular work-study jobs on campus are paid according to the approved payment chart.

A student must demonstrate need in order to be eligible for FWS funds. This is determined by completing the FAFSA. When interested in an on-campus employment position, contact the Financial Aid Office and eligibility will be determined for a trimester period. Only those students who are eligible for FWS may apply for FWS positions.

While students may work up to 30 hours per week, NUHS actively discourages employment that will conflict with a student’s ability to perform academically; therefore, it is recommended students work no more than twenty (20) hours per week while classes are in session.

How to Apply

Contact the office you are interested in working for to determine if a position is available. If there is availability, see a Financial Aid Counselor to review your aid package and determine eligibility. A FWS voucher will be prepared with the amount of FWS eligibility for that trimester and that is given to the supervisor for approval. An FWS voucher must be completed each trimester for supervisor approval prior to working that term.


The FWS Voucher is a multi-part form that must be completed by you, the Financial Aid Office, the supervisor, and, for first-time NUHS employees, the Human Resources department. You need to complete all parts of the form and have your supervisor sign where indicated.

You are required to renew the FWS Voucher form every trimester. You will not be paid until your completed FWS Voucher has been returned to Financial Aid.

All first-time/new-hire students must complete payroll withholding forms and submit proof of U.S. citizenship to Human Resources at the time of initial hire.