And They are Off!

It has been a few days since I have reported on the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Challenge. As you know I finished last week and have been reintroducing foods as well as maintaining healthy eating habits. This has not been as difficult as I expected. I am still drinking shakes in the morning and have even made a few other recipes from the cookbook.


The kits arrived here to Florida last week and it was a bit busy getting all of the kits together and distributed to the participants. There was a lot of products that had to be placed together! Thank goodness for the amazing team at the PPC! They were so helpful to me as I was getting the kits organized.


The participants have been measured and are on their way on the purification journey!

I will blog more as the participants make their way through the program.  I am so excited to watch this team work through this amazing process!

Day 21: I Did It!

I made it! I completed the 21 day Standard Process Purification Challenge!

2016-02-09_day 21_web
Kelsey and I celebrating that we have made it!
We are so excited to help others on this journey!

I finished my day 21 strong with lots of fresh veggies through out the day and garlic chicken for dinner with asparagus. Tomorrow I am looking forward to the raw almonds that have been waiting for me as well as taking my measurements to see what has changed over the past 21 days. I have tons of energy and my skin looks the best it has been in a very long time. This has been such an amazing journey! 

If you have never done this before, I encourage you to try. The reward is so incredible!

(Editor's Note: Keep following the blog for experiences from future participants.)

Days 19 and 20: Planning for Tuesday

This weekend was busy with errands, church obligations and birthday parties. I found that saying "no, thank you" to chocolate cake was easy this weekend. (This is almost as difficult as saying "no" to chocolate, but I did it!)

2016-02-08_barsI also found myself thinking I am not sure I am ready for this to be over. I honestly like the shakes--and yes, I am still drinking the pumpkin shakes. I am planning on keeping the shakes as a part of my diet for a while longer, and at this point I don't think my diet will change very much. The goal is to maintain the diet from days 11-21 and begin to slowly reintroduce some of the foods that have been excluded over the 21 days.

At the grocery store this weekend I purchased lots of fruits and veggies that I love to juice--I have been eating them raw through the SP Purification Process--and I will start with adding raw nuts back into my diet this week. Raw almonds are my favorite. As I slowly reintroduce foods I will note any symptoms, as this will allow for me to see if there is any chance of an intolerance or allergy. I also plan to order some of the Cocoa-Cherry Standard Bars (this is my favorite flavor) for the next few weeks as I begin to travel for conferences, and they are a good snack for when you are on the go.

Stay tuned for Day 21!!!

Days 17 and 18: Nearing the End

As I near the end of the purification process I am now noticing that I am feeling very full all of the time. I am not as hungry as I was a few days ago and I find I have to remind myself to eat. I am also deep in thought on how and what next week will be like as I transition back.

Over 21 days, I have transformed into this new eating pattern, I love fresh veggie and fruit juicing. While it is allowed while you are purifying, I did not juice the last 18 days, so I am looking forward to getting back to juicing daily!

Kelsey Jackson, 4th Tri Florida SP Purification Challenge Champion and Dr. Kris Petrocco-Napuli

On my day 18, Kelsey was on her day 21! She made it!!! Kelsey was an excellent partner to journey with during this process. I believe having a purification partner really is helpful through this process, not only to compare how you are feeling but also to encourage each other to keep going! 

I have only a few days left! Monday I will celebrate with 2nd and 4th tri, as it is my day 21!

Day 16: The Kits are Ordered!

I received an email from Dr. Johnson that the purification kits have been ordered from Standard Process and should be here for all of the participants soon! When the kits arrive here in Florida we will have a central location and time for those in the challenge to pick up their kits, complete paperwork and have measurements taken. We have a great group that is planning to take on this challenge and I am very excited to help them with this process!

SP Kit
(Image source:

As day 17 rolls in I am starting to think about how I might begin my transition back to normal and what that is going to look like. It is odd how this has almost become the new normal at this point in the process.