Independent Research Study (EL 6521)

This elective course allows students, under the supervision of research faculty, to design and conduct their own study, to conduct searches and appraisals of current biomedical literature related to a topic or study, to assist in studies in progress at National University of Health Sciences or other partnering universities or to participate in the Coordinated Degree Programs at NUHS and the School of Public Health at University of Illinois, Chicago. This course also may be used to research, write, and publish a case report under the guidance of mentoring faculty and clinical professionals. It provides an opportunity for students to learn the discipline of research as well as to provide new information from the results of the research project itself.

Prerequisite: Successful complete of all courses prescribed in Phase 1 of the professional programs, approval of the faculty mentor who will serve as Research Advisor, and approval of the Dean of Research.

Student Spotlight

Erickorzen Eric Korzen - DC Student
Eric gave a podium presentation at the 2013 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium on developing a physical medicine checklist for improving patient outcomes. He co-authored his study with faculty members Dr. Thomas Solecki and Dr. Kevin Curtin.

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