Summary of Scholarly Activity - 2012-2013

The following is a summary of the scholarship for the reporting period of September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013.

  • 2 grants were externally funded
  • 2 grants applications were submitted
  • 4 new projects were initiated without external funding
  • 29 papers/book chapters were published (this does not include 6 papers currently "in press")
  • 24 papers/book chapters were submitted for publication
  • 3 books/theses/study guides were published
  • LRC staff conducted indexing for 6 journals
  • 19 abstracts were published
  • 20 abstracts were submitted to scientific conferences
  • 5 scientific presentations without a published abstract
  • 82 invited presentations (including expert courtroom testimony) were made to a wide variety of scientific and professional audiences
  • 18 presentations were made to lay audiences
  • Members of the NUHS faculty continued to be highly engaged in many and varied, high quality peer review activities (totaling approximately 264) for funding agencies, journals, scientific meetings, and book publishers. In addition:
  • 64 professional mentoring activities by 12 mentors were conducted (membership on masters or PhD committees)
  • 14 academic degrees awarded
  • 39 awards/elected positions were received
  • NUHS faculty reported attending 192 different conferences and seminars [413 NUHS attendees]

NUHS currently has 12 externally funded and 16 non-externally funded projects (28 total projects) in all phases (newly initiated, data collection, data analysis, and writing phases)

All of the activities represent a significant contribution to the scientific/health care literature and strong engagement in the scientific/health care communities; the latter by providing leadership in a variety of societies and participation in and attendance at a large number and wide variety of conferences.