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Students MT

Students MT

Dennette Alwine

“I like the way the curriculum is designed. There is plenty of repetition and application as you go deeper, and it provides a safe place to learn and make mistakes. It really fits my learning style. The people who teach here also work in the field. They bring real stories of real people and real experiences to class.”

Carl Vigilante

“National University has an on-site clinic that integrates chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, oriental medicine, and acupuncture. It’s very helpful to work together with the other fields. I also like the clinic because you’re not just massaging your friends. You’re out there in the real world with real clients.”

Anne Waugh

“I was impressed with the Introduction to Massage Course. It’s a four-night course you can take before deciding whether you want to sign up for the entire program. If people take that course and then shop around at other schools, they’ll understand pretty quickly that it’s hard to beat National!”

Cassandra Ennsmann

“I chose National because it has a great reputation. National’s preparation for the board exams is excellent. With the smaller class sizes, there is a lot of one on one. The instructors are always willing to help. They make sure you have the best education you can possibly get.”

Jean Mueller

“The biggest draw was being able to work in the clinic. I knew that experience would help in dealing not only with patients, but with professionals in other health care fields. Once I decided that I wanted to be a massage therapist, I knew that NUHS was the place for me.”

Emily Davies

“National University’s integrative medical clinic is something that isn’t comparable to any other school that I looked at. You’re working with other health care professionals in the field, side by side.”