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Graduates ND

Graduates ND

Rachel Marynowski, ND

“I had a very positive experience and have fond memories of my time at NUHS. The best part of my education at National was my study in the clinical sciences and experiences like working in the Salvation Army clinic.”

Samantha Hoang, ND

“I chose National University of Health Sciences for my naturopathic medicine degree because of the variety of programs it offered. The rigorous curriculum and small student-to-faculty ratio also gave me the opportunity to be mentored by faculty members.”

Raynette Ilg, ND

Dr. Ilg runs a successful business in naturopathic medicine working in concert with a variety of medical professionals. Her training in integrative medicine is key to providing patients with the most effective treatment plans. “Many MDs work with me on their patients…and National’s given me that ability to do that.”

John Birdsall, ND

After graduating from National University, Dr. Birdsall began a two-year residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In this video, he explains how naturopathic medicine can work in synergy with conventional cancer treatment, and why his work with cancer patients is so rewarding.

Sarah Ouano, ND

After graduating, Dr. Ouano began working at an integrative medical clinic. “Being out in the real word is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I found the response by the medical community has been great to naturopathic medicine.”