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NUHS faculty member writes book about diabetes

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Jaya Prakash, MD, MPH, SM(NRCM), SM(ASCP), an adjunct professor at National University, recently published a new book about diabetes and how it can be treated.

Titled, "DIABETES What's the Big Deal?: In Plain English," Dr. Prakash's book helps patients gain a better understanding of what it means to receive a diabetes diagnosis and what to do once they get one.

Dr. Prakash said she wrote the book to help the lay public understand how diabetes affects a multitude of systems in our body long before it becomes apparent. 

"It is especially useful for those who have risk factors for Type 2 diabetes especially obesity, poor lifestyle and family history," she said. " Many diabetics only take action when complications arise and are sometimes surprised how much damage had already occurred before they noticed." 

In addition to her background as a MD who has been teaching pathology and health for 35 years, Dr. Prakash has struggled with obesity, Type 2 diabetes and a whole host of other medical issues herself.

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"I sought help from my physicians and nutritionists until I discovered a clinically-proven solution and it changed my life," she said. "Not only did I attain a healthy weight but I truly transformed my mindset, lifestyle and relationships. I want to inspire others to take action and help them in their journey."

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


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