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Dr. Arick presents webinar on the emerging concept of advanced practice in chiropractic medicine

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Christopher Arick, DC, MS, Assistant Dean of NUHS chiropractic medicine program, recently presented a webinar to American Chiropractic Association members regarding the concept of advanced practice.

"With advancing innovation, evolving patient needs, and public health demands, specifically chronic pain, inflammation, and metabolic diseases, there is a growing demand for advanced practice within chiropractic medicine," Dr. Arick said.

Meant primarily for practicing chiropractic physicians, the webinar helps define advanced practice in its simplest form. Used within other medical fields, like nursing, the term typically involves various levels of competence and capability along with specific credentials regulated by law. In the webinar, Dr. Arick looks at how advanced practice within those fields has significantly improved patient care and public health. He also clears up some common misconceptions.

"In addition to providing a definition based on a review of the scientific literature, the purpose of the webinar is to have the doctor out in the field self-reflect on what their own definition of advanced practice would be in his or her singular practice and specialty," he said.

You can access the webinar here.


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